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Featured Class: Building Renovation
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In Mr. Mazzola's Introduction to Building Renovation, students began the electrical unit where they learn how-to put wiring onto the electrical outlets properly.
21213 is the house number, a place where students dedicate hours to service learning every year. Now in its 10th year, students have completed several DYI projects which require electrical knowledge for lighting, heating, cooling, and operation of appliances.
From eco-friendly and trendy to labor-intensive and dirty, students are learning home improvement trades that will save them both time and money in the future. They have installed electrical, plumbing, patio brick pavers, doors, and fences. They have learned the interior painting process which includes preparing the surface, using a primer, taping, and the paint color selection process. They have knowledge of fixing common home problems such as a leaky faucet or cleaning up cabinetry.