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This webpage has been established to update our school community about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the District's procedures and plans.  With this emergency rapidly changing we will continue to update the information as quickly as possible.  Please check back to this site for the latest information and updates as we stay in regular contact with county and state agencies.   We will stay focused on the needs of our students and their families.  Partnering across the district, we will do whatever it takes to support each other during these challenging times. 

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COVID-19 Student Self-Screening

In a continued effort to reduce exposure to COVID-19, it is extremely important that parents/guardians monitor their children closely and complete at-home screening each day, including a temperature check, prior to sending their child to school. The Macomb County Health Department self-screening form can be accessed here.  Please notify the school if your child is exhibiting any symptoms and keep them home until you can see your healthcare provider.

COVID-19 Reporting Tool

As directed by the Macomb County Health Department please maintain awareness of your health with respect to the list of common COVID-19 symptoms and stay home when ill; and Self-isolate and self-report if you are COVID-positive, exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, or have been in close contact with a person who is presumed-positive.

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MiSafe Start Return to Learning Plan Summary
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Flow Chart: Possible COVID-19 Cases: Teachers or Staff

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MI Safe Schools and Return to Learn Plan

The Governor's Advisory Council for Return to School released its recommendations and requirements for the return to in-person instruction for the 2020-2021 school year.  Lake Shore Public Schools continues to work through these items with the goal of creating and maintaining an educational environment that is both safe and conducive to learning by forming three committees: Health and Safety, Teaching and Learning, Mental and Social-Emotional Wellbeing.

Please take a moment to review this Return to School Roadmap which details a variety of items Lake Shore Public Schools utilized for the safe return to the 2020-2021 school year.
Thank you to our 176 members of the Lake Shore Family who have actively collaborated and continue to work through the development our return to learning plan which includes 69 parents, 66 teachers, 4 custodians and bus drivers, 13 support staff, 10 secretaries, and 14 administrators and board members.  

Health and Safety Committee

Led by Committee Chair George Lewis (, the framework for Health and Safety was developed by focusing on 8 areas: Transportation and Personal Protection Equipment chaired by Wayne Satterfield (Director of Facilities), Cleaning chaired by Ryan Lees (Parent), Food Service, Gathering, and Extracurricular Activities chaired by Jessica Hall (Parent) and Jamee Perryman (Teacher), Hygiene chaired by Jodi Young (Parent), Medically Vulnerable Students and Staff chaired by Karen Jones (Retired Teacher) and Theresa Schwartz (Parent), Screening Students, Staff, and Guests chaired by Dawn Custer (Guest Teacher) and Mistie Ryan (Teacher), Spacing, Movement, and Access, and Testing Protocols for Students and Staff chaired by Anna Raese (Secretary) and Danielle Smith (Teacher), and Responding to Positive Cases chaired by Carol Harwick (Support Staff) and Shannon Ketelhut (Administrative Support).

Teaching and Learning Committee

Led by Committee Chair Rachelle Wynkoop (, the framework for Teaching and Learning was developed by focusing on 5 areas: Instruction and Movement chaired by Janelle Bross (Principal LSHS), Catherine Fergusson (Teacher), Chad Johnson (Principal KMS), Deb Barnett (Teacher), Abbey Gough (Teacher), Cindy Sam (Principal Rodgers), Cobi Gaigalas (Teacher), Julie Hoehing (Teacher), Christine Colling (Teacher), and Tish Sheets (Teacher). Remote/Virtual chaired by Jackie Phillips (Teacher), Chad Johnson (KMS Principal), Deb Barnett (Teacher), Abbey Gough (Teacher), and Melissa Husek (Teacher), Communications chaired by Cindy Sam (Principal Rodgers), Professional Development chaired by Rachelle Wynkoop (Administrator), and Athletics chaired by John Hartley (Athletic Director).

Social-Emotional Wellbeing Committee

Led by Committee Chairs Lori Farr ( and Rich Popp (, the framework for Social-Emotional Wellbeing was developed by focusing on 4 areas: Communications chaired by Rebecca Calappi (Parent) and Tasha Candela (Teacher), Screening Tools chaired by Alison Bushaw (Teacher) and Katharine Rutt (Parent), Staff Guidelines and Training chaired by Ed Baalaer (Assistant Principal KMS) and Matt Barranca (Principal MH), and Crisis Management Plan chaired by Allyson Moore (Social Worker) and Mario Lalios (Parent).

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