Bond Updates

Bond Update

It's hard to believe that just a week ago we were wrapping things up and sending the kids off for their summer vacation.  The dust has barely settled and already we are in full swing of training, renovating, building and getting wired in for next school year.  With all that is going on, it certainly looks like it will be a busy, but productive summer in preparation for the return of our students in September.

If you have been by Lake Shore High School, Kennedy Middle School, or Rodgers Elementary, you’ll notice construction crews started Bond Projects as quickly as students exited on the last day.  Major projects include technology upgrades, air conditioning, new classroom space, and infrastructure repairs and improvements.  There is much work to be done, but our team is dialed in to deliver these critical updates on time and on budget.  We are excited to see the end product and begin the next phase of bond work at our other facilities including Masonic Heights and Violet Elementary Schools next summer.

Our teachers started this past Monday with critical training for the integration of Learning Management Systems and touch screen Chromebooks into the hands of all of our Lake Shore High School and Kennedy Middle School students beginning in September.  This shift in instructional practices began last year with the development of Research and Design Teams at all grade levels and will be fully implemented at the secondary level for the 2017-2018 school year. We will continue to expand R&D Teams at the elementary level in preparation for full implementation the following school year.  By September 2018, all students at Lake Shore will be a part of a 1:1 initiative providing a learning environment anytime, anywhere, the highest level of engagement, and a renewed focus on innovation, creativity, and skills necessary to compete and excel in an ever changing landscape.  It is exciting to say the least.

Finally, with all the changes taking place, we will spend time this summer reflecting on our core values as to not lose sight on the critical characteristics we hold dear and define us as to who we are.  A team of students, parents, community members, staff, and administration will gather throughout the summer to develop our Vision and Values 2.0.  While we know we must be fluid and adaptable in this rapidly changing world, the characteristics that make us unique, that make us Lake Shore, must be held closely to our minds and to our hearts and not be lost sight of.  In short, our vision is where we are going; our values are who we are.  We plan on presenting the Vision and Values 2.0 for adoption by the Board of Education in August.

As you can see, the summer months will be spent working collaboratively and tirelessly to enhance that which is already great and transform that which necessary to prepare and provide our students and community with opportunities they have not yet imagined. Be sure to check out our website, or follow us on our social media links for regular updates as to the progress we make this summer. Lake Shore has a long and storied history we can all celebrate and take pride in.  Our future is promising and full of potential.  Together, we can realize that potential for the benefit of our community and most importantly our children.




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