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8.14 Update from Superintendent Dr. DiPonio

Earlier this week, the Lake Shore Board of Education unanimously approved our COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan in accordance with Executive Order 2020-142.  This plan, developed in partnership with parents, teachers, health care professional, custodians, and students, details Lake Shore’s goals and objectives in each phase of the pandemic and how we will continue to provide support and services to our families in the unprecedented time.

Since the passage of this plan I have spoke with many of you regarding the hardship this presents for your family.  I can feel the immense struggles that exist with every cracking of your voices.  I have spoke with members of our faculty and staff that are desperately eager to return to serving our kids, but concerned about the health risks that poses to their students and families, always thinking of themselves last.  I have looked into the eyes of our administrators and the visible exhaustion and desperation they are experiencing as they work with their teams to come up with solutions to problems that seem to have no right answers.  All of us are in the same boat.  Desperate, tired, frustrated, confused.  All of us. 

In spite of this, we all continue to display that hopeful Shorian spirit that defines this community.  Optimistic, positive, creative, innovative, and most of all, community-oriented.  Helping one another, assisting our neighbor, caring and serving others first.  Together, we work for solutions, lift each other up, and embrace the idea that in spite of the difficulties we face, there are better days ahead, and together, we will see those days. 

This issue will certainly test us, it already has.  I promise you though, it will not break us

8.11 Virtual Learning Registration

Many of our families have already made a decision to enroll in a 100% on-line learning format.  I’m certain that this was not an easy decision to reach.  For all of our families, please know that my heart goes out to you for having to make decisions of this nature.   Please also know that we will be as flexible and accommodating as possible throughout this time period and should you feel the need to switch to in person, we will work with you to do what is best for your child.  Nothing is written in stone, we are here for our families at any point.

If this is a decision you have reached, you can begin your registration for 100% on-line learning at the following link:


Please complete this registration as soon as possible so we can begin building your child’s schedule.

We have included an Online Readiness tool for your consideration in assessing your student’s readiness and potential support needed for online learning.  Click here to access the tool: https://micourses.org/resources/pdf/toolkit/Interactive_OnlineLearningReadinessRubric.pdf

The LSPS Virtual Learning Option provides the same rigorous curriculum offered during our in-person learning; taught by our caring, certified Lake Shore teaching staff.  A Shorian student is a Shorian student, regardless of where the learning occurs

MI Safe Schools and Return to Learn Plan

The Governor's Advisory Council for Return to School released its recommendations and requirements for the return to in-person instruction for the 2020-2021 school year.  Lake Shore Public Schools continues to work through these items with the goal of creating and maintaining an educational environment that is both safe and conducive to learning by forming three committees: Health and Safety, Teaching and Learning, Mental and Social-Emotional Wellbeing.

Please take a moment to review this Return to School Roadmap which details a variety of items Lake Shore Public Schools will utilize for the safe return to the 2020-2021 school year. While comprehensive and detailed, it gives us all an idea of what we can possibly expect in this unprecedented and unpredictable time. 
Thank you to our 176 members of the Lake Shore Family who have actively collaborated and continue to work through the development our return to learning plan which includes 69 parents, 66 teachers, 4 custodians and bus drivers, 13 support staff, 10 secretaries, and 14 administrators and board members.
To watch or rewatch our most recent Board of Education meeting, which captures an overview of our committees, please follow this link. This dynamic plan will be continually edited and updated based on information shared about this rapidly changing pandemic. 

Health and Safety Committee

Led by Committee Chair George Lewis (glewis@lsps.org), the framework for Health and Safety was developed by focusing on 8 areas: Transportation and Personal Protection Equipment chaired by Wayne Satterfield (Director of Facilities), Cleaning chaired by Ryan Lees (Parent), Food Service, Gathering, and Extracurricular Activities chaired by Jessica Hall (Parent) and Jamee Perryman (Teacher), Hygiene chaired by Jodi Young (Parent), Medically Vulnerable Students and Staff chaired by Karen Jones (Retired Teacher) and Theresa Schwartz (Parent), Screening Students, Staff, and Guests chaired by Dawn Custer (Guest Teacher) and Mistie Ryan (Teacher), Spacing, Movement, and Access, and Testing Protocols for Students and Staff chaired by Anna Raese (Secretary) and Danielle Smith (Teacher), and Responding to Positive Cases chaired by Carol Harwick (Support Staff) and Shannon Ketelhut (Administrative Support).

Teaching and Learning Committee

Led by Committee Chair Rachelle Wynkoop (rwynkoop@lsps.org), the framework for Teaching and Learning was developed by focusing on 5 areas: Instruction and Movement chaired by Janelle Bross (Principal LSHS), Catherine Fergusson (Teacher), Chad Johnson (Principal KMS), Deb Barnett (Teacher), Abbey Gough (Teacher), Cindy Sam (Principal Rodgers), Cobi Gaigalas (Teacher), Julie Hoehing (Teacher), Christine Colling (Teacher), and Tish Sheets (Teacher). Remote/Virtual chaired by Jackie Phillips (Teacher), Chad Johnson (KMS Principal), Deb Barnett (Teacher), Abbey Gough (Teacher), and Melissa Husek (Teacher), Communications chaired by Cindy Sam (Principal Rodgers), Professional Development chaired by Rachelle Wynkoop (Administrator), and Athletics chaired by John Hartley (Athletic Director).

Social-Emotional Wellbeing Committee

Led by Committee Chairs Lori Farr (lfarr@lsps.org) and Rich Popp (rpopp@lsps.org), the framework for Social-Emotional Wellbeing was developed by focusing on 4 areas: Communications chaired by Rebecca Calappi (Parent) and Tasha Candela (Teacher), Screening Tools chaired by Alison Bushaw (Teacher) and Katharine Rutt (Parent), Staff Guidelines and Training chaired by Ed Baalaer (Assistant Principal KMS) and Matt Barranca (Principal MH), and Crisis Management Plan chaired by Allyson Moore (Social Worker) and Mario Lalios (Parent).

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